You can now create and export a report of your sales by tender type. In the backoffice if you click or tap on 'Sales' from the left margin of the backoffice you'll see this month's calendar view of sales to date. You can click or tap on the link on today's sales to view these in the reporting dashboard or you can click on 'Reports' from the left margin of the backoffice.

Once in the reporting suite click or tap on 'payments' from the left margin.

Then click on 'Sales By Tender Type' and you'll see a barchart of sales by tender type within the daterange at the top of the screen (this can be changed by clicking in the daterange box).

If you scroll down the page you'll see the data presented in a table. This data can be exported as a .CSV file by clicking on the 'Export Dat' button.


  • There is a lag between sales appearing in the backoffice and being available in reports.
  • This report was released on April the 1st 2018 and reporting data for sales by tender type is not available prior to this date. Please see the following article.

How To View Your Sales By Tender Type (Card / Cash / Account etc)

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