If you have enabled your PayPal device in your backoffice you can now refund payments made with your PayPal card reader entirely within the AirPOS application without switching to the PayPal Here App, saving you and your customer time and inconvenience. To benefit from the full integration of PayPal Here with AirPOS please click on the following link to setup the full integration on Android, PayPal Setup on Android , or the following link if you are using an iPad, PayPal setup on iPad

You will need the transaction number from your customer's receipt or you can find it in the backoffice in your detailed daily sales view if the customer doesn't have their receipt. When you tap on the refund button at the top of the POS screen you'll see a box in which to type the transaction number or scan the receipt barcode.

Tap on the green button to the right of the transaction ID box to locate the transaction and then tap on the refund button at the bottom of the cart and you'll see a popup similar to that below.

Tap on the PayPal button and then on the 'Tender' button. The popup in AirPOS will change to that below and after a moment the refund will be completed.

PayPal will refund back to your customer's card account.

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