Refunding e-commerce Sales

At present if you are required to perform a refund of an e-commerce sale it will need to be performed in two stages. Firstly you'll need to refund the PayPal payment from your PayPal account.

Secondly, in order to correct stock levels and keep a record of the refund in AirPOS on the POS you should do an ad-hoc refund of the goods purchased on your e-commerce webstore. 

To process an ad hoc refund on the ePOS, simply turn on the ‘Exchange' mode by pressing the Exchange button. The blue header bar on the POS screen will turn red to indicate that the POS is in exchange mode. Start adding the returning items to the transaction, just as you would a normal sale.

These items will appear in the cart view with negative values which you can then refund out just as you would tender a normal transaction as seen below.

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