Android POS Starter Package Setup Guide

Your Android Starter Package includes:

  • The brand new Star mC-Print3 receipt printer. This printer can connect to your tablet by Network or by Bluetooth.
  • A sturdy Star, lockable cash drawer.
  • A solid, attractive C Frame POS stand (10" tablets only)

Please note that this package does NOT include an Android tablet

The first thing to do is to get the printer and the cash drawer setup. If you are connecting by Network connect an Ethernet cable from the port indicated below to your router.

If you turn the printer off and then while holding down the feed button press the power button once the printer will start to self print and you can release the feed button. 

When the self print has completed the network settings with the IP Address of the printer will be printed at the bottom as shown below. This will confirm that the MC-P3 is connected and online.

To configure the printer on AirPOS open the application and tap on the settings cogwheel at the top of the screen.

Tap on the green 'Add Printer' button.

AirPOS will begin searching foe any available Star printers.

After a few moments any Star printers will be shown in a list and the Star MC-P3 will appear similarly to the image below. with the same IP Address you obtained from the self print to the left.

Tap on the green 'Test print' button and you'll see a popup like that below.

Tap on the green 'Use this printer' button and that's your printer configured to use with AirPOS. Your screen will look like that below. If you have an attached barcode scanner set that setting to yes and if you have an attached line display set that also to yes.

Press the back key at the top left of the screen to return to your catalog.

If you are going to connect the printer by Bluetooth then on the home screen of your tablet press the cogwheel icon for 'Settings' and open the Bluetooth settings. When the printer appears in the list of available devices tap on it to pair. If asked for a PIN the default is 1234. The printer will appear in the Bluetooth settings similarly to the screenshot below.

Tap on the 'Test print' button and you'll see a popup like the one below.

Press the 'Use this printer button. In the next screen if you have n attached scanner or line display set those settings to yes.

The Cash Drawer is kicked by an electrical impulse from the printer so the cash drawer connects into the printer at the port labelled ‘Cash Drawer/Buzzer’ using what's known as an RJ11 cable which comes out of the back of the cash drawer.

The C Frame tablet enclosure for your iPad consists of two components, a 10" Universal tablet stand and a cash drawer enclosure (not included in the package) that the stand attaches to for security and ease of use. The cash drawer enclosure helps to protect your cash drawer as well as providing a secure base for the tablet stand, with a rotation feature allowing the tablet stand to move around as required on a solid base.

Setting Up Your C Frame Tablet Stand and Cash Drawer Enclosure (if applicable).

If you're attaching the stand to a cash drawer cover then align the C - Frame base with the screw hole pattern in the drawer cover as shown in the diagram below.

You should mount the C-Frame rotating base to the cash drawer cover using the screws provided. Align and tighten the first screw then swivel the base to provide access to the second and third screw holes in the drawer cover.

Once attached to the drawer cover loosen the bottom two nuts at the back of the stand and remove the two at the top as shown in the diagram on the left below.

Insert the tablet, then the cable and align the tablet within the metal frame. Replace the top two nuts and close the C-Frame. The cable will pass through the slot in the back at the base of the C-Frame near the rotation point. If you are not using the drawer cover then attach the rubber mat to the rotating base of the frame. This will prevent the frame from sliding when in use.

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