The new iZettle Card Reader 2 now connects to your device via Low Energy Bluetooth and doesn't need to be paired with your iPad in the same way as before.

After you charge and power up the card reader the screen on the card reader will display the last three numbers of it's serial number (which is printed on the back of the card reader also). 

The  first time that you use  the card reader in AirPOS you'll see a popup like that below.

At the top right of that screen is a green ' i ' in a circle. Tap on it and the popup will change to an image similar to that below.

In this screen tap on 'Card readers'.

If you then tap on the 'Connect card reader' button the application will begin searching for card readers. After a short time the popup will change.

Tap on the 'iZettle Card reader 2' link and any available iZettle card reader 2 devices will be found and identified by the last three digits of the serial number found printed on the back of the card reader.

When your card reader is shown tap on it as seen above.

You'll see an image on the screen like that above while the iPad communicates with the reader. After a few moments you'll see a six digit code which will also appear on the card reader screen.

Tap on the 'Confirm' button and press the green tick button on the card reader.

The card reader is now ready to accept payments.

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