Payments Using the iZettle M10 Card Reader with AirPOS on iPad

You will need to create an account which you can do at the following link.  iZettle

Download the iZettle application from the App Store here. Log into the application using the credentials you used to create the account.

Next pair the card reader to your iPad. To do this turn on the card reader by pressing the small power button on the top right of the card reader.

  • Activate Bluetooth on the M10 card reader by holding down the Bluetooth button on the right side of the card reader. The screen of the card reader will show a radio icon and the Bluetooth Connectivity light will flash blue rapidly.
  • Release the button.
  • Activate Bluetooth on your iPad by going into settings. Wait for “iZettle ###” to appear. (### are numbers which will be the last three digits in the cardreaders serial number[S/N] on the back of the device).
  • Press on the name of the card reader when it appears to pair it. After a few moments a prompt with a six digit code will appear to ‘Pair’.
  • The same six digit code will appear on the card reader. Press ‘Pair’ on the iPad and then confirm the connection on the card reader by pressing the green√ button.
  • Open the app on your iPad and login. Open the AirPOS application and go to your AirPOS settings. From the left navigation panel select ‘Payments’ and set the switch for iZettle to ‘Yes’. This will enable the integration of the iZettle app with AirPOS

You are now ready to perform a transaction on AirPOS using iZettle to process a card payment.

Add a product to the cart and press 'Tender'.

The tender popup will appear. Tap on iZettle as the tender type and tap on the 'tender' button.

A new popup will appear to advise the customer to insert/Swipe his card.

The popup will change to inform you that the payment is in progress.

Once complete the popup will inform you that the transaction is approved and that the customer should remove his card.

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