Refunds with iZettle

At present if you are doing a refund of a payment made using iZettle our integration is not yet complete. To do a refund you will need to sign into the iZettle application. On the payments screen at the top left you will see three horizontal blue bars (just below the iPad WiFi sign). Tap on it and then from the drop down menu select ‘Transactions’.

All your transactions will be listed chronologically. If you then click on the transaction you wish to refund you will see a detailed view of the transaction and will be presented with a button to ‘Refund amount’.

Enter your password (this is the password for your iZettle account)if you’re refunding a card transaction, otherwise simply tap on “Ok”.

A window will appear to say ‘Refunded’.

Because this part of the process is not yet fully integrated with AirPOS your till has no knowledge of this refund until you process the refund through AirPOS.

You can do this by pressing the refund button on the POS and entering the transaction ID from your customer's receipt or you can do an ‘Ad Hoc’ refund by pressing the exchange button on the POS and selecting the product to be refunded. This is important in order to keep your stock and sales accurate and up to date.

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