At present you will need to perform the following procedure before connecting your printer to your iPad. Turn off your printer or disconnect it from the power source.

Turn the printer so that you can access the bottom and look for the small metal plate that covers what are known as the Dip Switches. Remove this plate (you will need a screwdriver to do so) and then set the Dip Switches as shown in the diagram below, with the far left switch on the second panel set to one. All of the other Dip Switches should be in their default position. Setting the Dip Switches in this way lets the printer know that you are using an iPad to print. This done, reattach the metal plate.

Connecting the Star TSP650ii Printer to your iPad Over the Network

Next connect your printer to your router with an ethernet cable. This allows the iPad to talk to to printer across the network.

The next thing to do is to obtain what's known as the IP Address for your printer. To do this hold down the feed button on the front of the printer as you switch the printer on. The printer will self-print a list of settings and then the red LED light on the front of the printer will flash a few times while the printer acquires an IP address from your router. It will then self print the IP Address as seen below.

Now open the AirPOS POS and go into settings by clicking on the grey cogwheel icon at the top right of the screen. From the left navigation panel click on ‘Peripherals’ and then press the green ‘Add printer’ button.

A message will appear with drop down boxes through which you select the type of connection your printer will make to AirPOS. In this case in the box beside ‘Select Connection Type :- ‘ choose ‘Network'. Type in the IP Address in the box provided and press next as seen below.

You will then need to select the Printer Type. Select 'Star TSP-650'. Press the green 'Use this printer' button to save your settings to complete your setup.

You'll be brought back to your POS peripheral settings where you'll see your printer added with it's IP Address. You can test print and kick the drawer to ensure that all is working then press the back button to return to your catalogue view.

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