Star TSP650ii Bluetooth Printer Setup on AirPOS for iPad

To begin you will need to set your Star TSP650 bluetooth printer to 'iOS Mode' to make it work with your iPad. This allows the printer to understand that you are printing from an iPad and also that it needs to kick a cash drawer if one is plugged into the printer. To begin with turn the printer off.


Changing the Printer's Settings to Work With Your iPad

1) Setting the Dip Switches on Your Star TSP650 Printer

Your printer should be off to perform this first step. On the bottom of your Star printer is a silver plate and under this plate are a set of what are called dip switches. In order to set your Star TSP650 printer to 'iOS Mode' we need to make a change to these dip switches. Remove the plate (you might need a small screwdriver to do this) and then in the set of eight switches change the first switch to ‘1’ using a small pointed tool such as a pen or flat-bladed screw driver. Please see the diagram below for a reference of how the dip switches should look after this change.

After you have done this plug in your printer and turn it on.

2) Connecting Your Printer to the iPad Using the Bluetooth Connection

The first step is to pair the printer with your iPad.

  • Press the home button on your iPad and then locate your Settings icon on the iPad home screen.
  • On the iPad tap the Settings icon and then tap ‘Bluetooth’ on the top left of your screen. The iPad will begin scanning for all Bluetooth devices within range.
  • At the back of the printer press and hold in the 'PAIR' button until the green light blinks.
  • When you see your printer listed among available devices (it should be called Star Micronics) select it and your tablet will pair with it (if prompted for a PIN the default PIN IS 1234)
  • If after tapping on the Star Micronics listing in the bluetooth devices your iPad tells you that pairing has been unsuccessful you may need to reset the printer to ensure that it is not connected to any previous device. To do this turn off the printer and push a small pin or paperclip into the 'RST' button at the back of the printer as you switch it back on.

3) Setting Up Your Star TSP650 Inside the AirPOS POS App

Now that the printer is paired with your iPad it just needs to be configured within AirPOS. Go into your settings in the AirPOS POS app by clicking on the grey cogwheel icon at the top right of the screen. Select ‘Peripherals’ from the left navigation panel and you will see the peripherals settings screen. Next tap on the green ‘Add Printer’ button beside configured printers.

Next a window will open in which you select the type of connection your printer will make to AirPOS. In this case in the box beside ‘Select Connection Type :- ‘ choose Bluetooth. The model of your printer will then be shown underneath in blue when it is successfully connected. Click on the printer model shown in the blue box and then press ‘Next’.

A new screen will appear. Tap on the 'Star TSP-650' option as shown below.

To test that the printer has been successfully configured, you can now press the Test Print button. AirPOS should print a test receipt from the printer.

Finally press the green ‘Use this Printer’ button to save your settings and your printer is all setup!


  • There are known Bluetooth connectivity issues when running the Spotify App with AirPOS. Attached Bluetooth peripherals (Card Readers, Printers, Barcode Scanners, etc) may regularly drop connection resulting in receipts not printing, drawers not kicking and aborted card transactions.

  • If there is a red error light then please check that the paper has been loaded correctly in the printer.

  • If the blue LED light is on and solid (not blinking) then the Auto-connect setting may be switched on in the printer. If Auto-connect is on the printer will always try to re-connect automatically to the last iOS device it was paired with. The printer can only connect to one iOS device at a time and so we need to reset Auto-connect. To turn off the Auto-connect feature, with the printer on, take a pin or similar sharp object and insert it into the reset hole at the back of the printer, beside the blue LED pair light.

    You should get a print out of the printers current Auto-connect settings.

    This will look like:
    < Current Setting >
    Auto Connection: OFF
    < Current Setting >
    Auto Connection: ON
    If the LED light at the back of the printer is green then it's currently not connected to any iOS device.
    If the light is green press and hold down the Pair button until the green light starts to blink. When the green light is blinking then the printer can be discovered over bluetooth.

    Return to step 2 above and repeat the steps.
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