Connecting the Star SM-S220i Bluetooth Printer with your Android Device

Bluetooth Mode for Android

Once powered on the display on the printer will let you know what mode the printer is in. If it reads "Bluetooth (iAP)" or "VART Mode", press and hold the MODE button until the red error light flashes 5 times. The display will change to read 'Setup Mode' and then the current mode of the printer. Press the mode button to change the screen display until it reads ''Bluetooth Mode''. Press the mode and feed buttons together to save your settings and to get a self print of the printer's mode and settings. For more information on changing mode and settings see pages 8 - 11 of the printer manual at the following link.

Star Micronics SM-S220i User Manual

The printer is ready to pair with another bluetooth device as soon as you switch it on. If you open Bluetooth on the Android tablet the printer should appear in your list of available devices as 'Star Micronics'. Tap on it to Pair. If prompted for a PIN the default PIN is '1234'.

NB: During Bluetooth communication, if you transfer 1 MB or more of printing data, the buffer will overflow, and the data may not be printed properly. There are also known Bluetooth connectivity issues when running the Spotify App with AirPOS. Attached Bluetooth peripherals (Card Readers, Printers, Barcode Scanners, etc) may regularly drop connection resulting in receipts not printing, drawers not kicking and aborted card transactions.

Having put the printer into the correct mode for Android (Bluetooth Mode) and paired it with the tablet the next step is to configure the printer in AirPOS. Open the AirPOS App and click on the settings icon (cogwheel) at the top right of the POS screen. From the left margin select Peripheral and press the green 'Add Printer' button as shown below.

A window will open prompting for connection type. Select Bluetooth. A new window will popup with the names of any Bluetooth printers connected to the Android device in a blue box. (See below).

Tap on the box with the name of the printer (Star Micronics) and press the next button. A new window will popup prompting you for printer type. From that list select the 'Star Mobile Printer 2 inch (SM-S220i)' option.

Press the green "Use this printer" button to save your settings.

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